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Attached Specialist Bio - Signals Specialist

Name: Corporal R
Sex: Female
Age: 34
Position: Signals Specialist


When did you join 2nd Commando Regiment?
I joined in January 2012.

What is your current role?
Signals Specialist attached to CT Coy.

What previous roles have you fulfilled?
Recently I have been Acting Troop SGT, however I have also deployed with 2nd Commando to Afghanistan and in direct support with the Force Element outside the wire in the role of Signals Specialist.

What were some of your career highlights?
Deploying to OP Slipper in Afghanistan from Nov 2012 – Jun 2013.
Providing signals guidance to commanders for planning and advice on mission effects in real time in support of our troops on the ground was personally very rewarding.

What in particular has given you job satisfaction in the roles you have fulfilled?
Exposure to high levels of command and control, and providing at times critical information. I experienced a great sense of pride when I was representing our country when asked to train 100 US Signals Specialists, I feel the high level of expertise we have is respected amongst our coalition forces.

What do you enjoy about the day-to-day aspect of being in 2nd Commando Regiment when you aren't deployed?
As we always look to new technologies and are committed to excellence; the job is ever changing. Every day is a challenge and you really look forward to coming in to work. As an Attached Specialist I feel I am embraced and part of the 2 Commando family.

How has the unit benefited you personally, intellectually and/or emotionally?
I really do love my job. Being part of 2nd Commando afforded me the ability to prove myself to a high standard. Often nobody may see what we do to contribute to SOCOMD; but the personal achievement in doing the job well is something we all take pride in.

What are your future aspirations within 2nd Commando Regiment and Special Forces?
At some stage I will most likely post out to contribute to the wider army. In that respect I am grateful for the experiences I have gained here and look forward to enabling others to perform their job to the best of their ability.

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