Unit Customs

Unit Customs and Traditions

Regimental Badge

The 2nd Commando Regiment badge consists of a silver World War II era Fairbairn-Sykes third pattern fighting knife backed by gold outlined blackened double diamonds.

The Dagger = The centre feature of the badge is a silver WWII era Fairbairn-Sykes third pattern fighting knife universally recognised as the symbol of a Special Forces unit, and demonstrates the offensive nature of the Regiment.

Double Diamonds = The knife is backed by gold outlined blackened double diamonds, representative of the felt unit colour patches worn on Australian Commando uniforms and slouch hats of WWII. The double diamonds recognise the Regiment’s direct linage to the Australian Independent Companies (later Commando Squadrons) of WWII.

Included on a gold scroll is the motto of the Regiment, ‘Foras Admonitio’ (Latin for ‘Without Warning’).

2_Cdo_Regt_FlagRegimental Flag

The Army approved unit flag is scarlet overlapped with a single black vertical panel, and surmounted with the 2 Commando Regiment badge. Note the slightly wider black panel and the additional thickness of the gold border to highlight the diamonds.

Green Beret

The Sherwood Green Commando beret was first introduced into the Australian Army by the 1st Commando Company in 1956 and was adopted due to the close association with the UK Royal Marine and Army Commandos of World War II. In line with this tradition, the Green Beret was inherited by 4 RAR (Cdo), and subsequently the 2nd Commando Regiment, in Jul 1998. The beret is worn as the Regiment’s primary form of dress and formally recognises Commando qualification.

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