Clearance Diver

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN)’s Mine Clearance Diving Group has a proud tradition of service within the Australian Special Forces community. RAN Clearance Divers posted to 2 Cdo Regt provide specialist skills to enhance the units’ capability to operate in the maritime domain.

These specialist skills combined with an increased amphibious focus make the assigned Clearance Divers a quintessential part of 2 Cdo Regt's operational-readiness capability.

Clearance Divers are recruited through the RAN recruiting scheme and put through a rigorous selection process. Sailors are required to successfully complete the RAN Basic Clearance Divers Course, and junior officers need to pass the Clearance Diving Officers Course. 

Members who successfully complete their respective courses may then be selected for further up-skilling with specific elements from the Commando Reinforcement Training Cycle.  These skills make a RAN Clearance Diver the complete package in the Maritime Counter Terrorism domain and qualified for service within 2 Cdo Regt.

Additional benefits and allowances for Clearance Divers - http://www.defence.gov.au/dpe/pac/

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