Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Combat Controllers

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) supports 2 Cdo Regt through the provision of airpower in training and operations. Additionally, RAAF embeds its own specialists within the unit, directly with Combat Controllers from No 4 Squadron. Combat Controllers provide airpower integration specialists to support the commandos in the conduct of Special Operations.

RAAF Combat Controllers must successfully apply for service with Special Forces and complete the full Commando Reinforcement Training Cycle. Combat Controllers provide a range of capabilities, including from Forward Air Control of Offensive Air Support, Landing Zone Reconnaissance, Aviation Meteorology Observation and Airspace Management. This ensures that the unit can project globally and call on the full range of ADF and allied air support, ranging from precision delivery of weapons on targets to establishing a temporary airstrip in the desert.

Careers as a Combat Controller are currently only open to applications from serving RAAF personnel.

Additional benefits and allowances for RAAF Combat Controllers - http://www.defence.gov.au/dpe/pac/


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