Artillery - Joint Fires Specialist

Royal Australian Artillery (RAA) members are responsible for providing the Joint Fires capability for 2 Cdo Regt. This is facilitated through the provision of a Joint Fires Team (JFT) within each Commando Company. As a Joint Fires specialist, you will be required to coordinate and synchronise all forms of offensive support, including surface-based mortars and artillery, fast jets, attack helicopters and naval fires from warships.

Whilst Artillery members are strongly encouraged to attempt Commando selection, it is not a pre-requisite. You will be posted to the unit for your role as a Joint Fires specialist. However, you will be required to quickly generate habitual working relationships with battle-hardened Commandos - which is not an easy feat. Employing lethal and safe Joint Fires in support of these men requires extreme levels of trust and confidence. So come prepared to work with professional and motivated warriors in your specialist role.

Career Paths and Job Opportunities: ECN 255 (Arty Observer) is the only RAA trade that is employed at 2 Cdo Regt.  Each JFT is structured to include a Gunner, Bombardier, Sergeant and is commanded by a RAA Captain.  Opportunities for career progression are excellent. Furthermore, this JFT structure is designed to provide potentially 11 years service as a JFT member at 2 Cdo Regt.

Additional benefits and allowances for JFT members at 2 Cdo Regt - http://www.defence.gov.au/dpe/pac/

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