Commando: Assaulter

Prospective Commando's:
The 2nd Commando Regiment is a battle hardened organisation. We have no time for passengers - every Commando is an innovator, every Commando a leader, every Commando a warrior. The Sherwood Green Beret is not earned lightly. You will be expected to drive yourself to the limits of endurance. Physical fitness is not enough - you will require mental and physical toughness; an internal fortitude to overcome fatigue, complexity and fear. Working as part of a Commando Force will require an offensive spirit, a Commando must know when to take life and when to save life - he must be discerning and discriminating. 

Prospective Commando Officers:
As an officer in this organisation you are expected to lead. You will be given the opportunity to command some of the most experienced, technically proficient and combat experienced soldiers in the world - they do not seek management, they do not want friendship: they seek judgement, determination, intelligence and leadership. You will be given a lot, but to whom a lot is given - a lot is expected. 

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