Commando Signallers (126 Signals Squadron)

Communications are one of the most vital aspects of all military operations.  It is one of the fundamental enablers for the execution of all Special Forces mission.  Without effective and secure communications, Commandos cannot successfully complete their missions.

Therefore, 2 Cdo Regt seeks the best signallers and signal officers in the Australian Army and there is a unique role for them within the unit.  Posted to 126 Signals Squadron (126 Sig Sqn), signallers are cross trained and employed as individuals, detachments and troops with significant responsibility and the opportunity to harness their initiative and develop individual skills and knowledge.

Signallers are embedded within Cdo Teams, Platoons and Company Headquarters. They are often Commando-beret qualified (ECN 661 and 665). Signallers can also be provided the opportunity to be employed as an ECN 662. ECN 663 Signallers are employed at the same level, either as an individual or team, with significant capability and responsibility.  126 Sig Sqn are led by Royal Australian Signals (RASig) officers and non-commissioned officers (NCO).

Those in 2 Cdo Regt’s signals domain work with some of the most modern communications equipment in the ADF.  These include combat radios, satellites, and high-tech secure computer networks.

Speak with your Career Advisor / Career Manager about being posted to 126 Sig Sqn.

Additional benefits and allowances for members posted to 126 Sig Sqn - http://www.defence.gov.au/dpe/pac/


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