How to Apply

How to Apply

For currently serving ADF members

Serving members of the ADF interested in becoming a qualified-Commando, as a soldier or junior officer, need to be recommended for Special Forces selection by their chain-of-command.  Members should also discuss their interest with their respective career agencies prior to applying.

For more information about Special Forces selection and training, contact the Special Forces Training Centre (SFTC) - contact details on the Defence Restricted Network (DRN) or through your chain-of-command.

Serving members who are interested in joining 2 Cdo Regt in a support role should also contact their respective career agencies.

For those not currently serving in the ADF

The only method for members of the public to join the Defence Force as a Commando in the Australian Army is through the Special Forces Direct Recruitment Scheme. You will be enlisted in the Infantry Corps.

As a Special Forces Direct Recruitment Scheme General Entry Commando you will need to graduate from your Basic Military training, Infantry Initial Employment Training and Commando Re-inforcement Training.  If you wish to serve as a qualified Commando officer at 2 Cdo Regt, you will firstly need to undergo officer training from the Royal Military College, Duntroon, and be commissioned into the Army.  You will also need to gain command experience as a junior officer in the Army prior to being considered for Commando selection.

The recruitment of members of the public for potential Commando candidature is conducted by the Defence Force Recruiting Unit.  For more information, contact 13 19 01 or visit and search for "Commando".

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