Commando: Assaulter Bio - Corporal B

Name: Corporal B

Sex: Male
Age: 35
Position: Team Commander

When did you join 2nd Commando Regiment?
I joined in 2007.

What is your current role?
Team Commander Delta Company

What previous roles have you fulfilled?
PSD, Team Medic, Demolitions Specialist, Foreign Forces Mentor and 2IC.

What were some of your career highlights?
Deploying to OP Slipper in Afghanistan was the greatest highlight for me.

What in particular has given you job satisfaction in the roles you have fulfilled?
Fulfilling the roles that I have been trained to do was personally quite rewarding. I also took a lot of pride in the PSD role; which gave me exposure to various top end people in our government and abroad.

What do you enjoy about the day-to-day aspect of being in 2nd Commando Regiment when you aren't deployed?
During training I always enjoy the regular study of new technologies and methods for our trades. We always have a future focus in all directions and this always keeps the job interesting.

How has the unit benefited you personally, intellectually and/or emotionally?
The support given to me when I was injured on operations in 2010 was great. After being shot in the arm I was supported with all rehabilitation from leaving Afghanistan through to the operation back in Australia. The unit really stepped up to help me recover. In fact I was back at work by the time my Company returned. This support enabled me to fully rehabilitate and redeploy only six months later.

What are your future aspirations within 2nd Commando Regiment and Special Forces?
I intend to stay in the unit and look forward to adjusting to any future tasking we are given.

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