Australian Defence Force Rehabilitation Program

ADF Rehabilitation Program

The ADF Rehabilitation Program (ADFRP) commenced nationally in October 2006. The ADFRP involves early identification, treatment and case management of injury or illness, through a coordinated response involving all relevant parties and a case manager. This will facilitate the return of members to a state of readiness as soon as practicable after injury or illness.

Early intervention and rehabilitation reduces the likelihood of an injury or disease becoming a long-term injury or illness. Where retention is not possible the ADFRP aims to provide assistance to members transitioning from the ADF.

Wherever possible, rehabilitation will be workplace-based as this provides the most realistic environment to assess fitness for military duties.

The Program has three goals:
Goal 1 - rehabilitation and return to current service position.
Goal 2 - rehabilitation and return to another position within the ADF.
Goal 3 - ongoing rehabilitation and separation from the ADF.

When a member is identified as Goal 3 the ADFRP coordinator will contact the ADF Transition Centre to advise them that the member is now entering the Medical Employment Classification Review Board (MECRB) process.

2 Cdo Regt ADFRP Case Managers

Nicole Belling - ADFRP

Greg Frost - ADFRP


How do you start a Rehabilitation Program?

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