Intensive Recovery Team

The Intensive Recovery Team - located at Holsworthy Health Centre

  • The Intensive Rehabilitation Team (IRT) is a key element of the Simpson Assistance Program (SAP)
  • SAP was identified as an election commitment in 2010, recognising the need to strengthen rehabilitation services provided to seriously wounded, injured or ill ADF members;
  • The SAP Scoping Study, undertaken by Joint Health Command (JHC) during 2011, investigated how to translate the holistic models observed in the UK and US into the ADF context;
  • This requires the achievement of comprehensive, individually tailored and family-inclusive rehabilitation programs without centralisation in a single facility;
  • The achievement of this is the focus of the IRT;
  • Pilots commenced in February 2013 in accordance with Health Instructions;
  • Pilots are of 18 months duration until June 2014; and
  • An external evaluation will support executive decision-making regarding the continuation of the IRT and scope for continuous improvement


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